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Alpha test engine To-Do list[edit]

Summary Responsibility Priority (1=high, 3=low) Status Category Details
Fireproof concrete nozzle / combustion chamber Ryan Pulkrabek 1 50% Nozzle Blog post of design, Blog Post of MFG
Nozzle made from Fireplace Sealant Ryan Pulkrabek 3 75% Nozzle Initial forum post, Blog post 1, Blog post 2 - On hold due to greater need for static test. Fireproof concrete is sufficient enough for static test
Oxygen plumbing system component selection and purchase Damien 1 20% Plumbing Discussed in the Alpha plumbing forum and documented on Test engine Plumbing. -
Source and build the components of the test stand Damien 1 0% Test stand Discussed in this blog post and documented on Test stand - 31/8: Ryan to ship the components to Damien tentatively in October. - 26/10: Ryan will back back in the US in late November, should ship them at that moment.
Test alternative ignition systems TBD 3 0% Igniter Various alternatives listed in Test engine Igniter
Document the injector plate wiki page Ryan 3 0% Injector plate Test engine Injector Plate
Work on improving the quality of videos/pictures taken during testing at the lab TBD 3 0% Miscellaneous N/A
Design sketch and build remote electronics control Antoine 2 0% TBD Discussed in this thread of the forum.
Learn how to make silicon + aluminium oxide gaskets Ryan Pulkrabek 2 0% Gaskets Forum post

Link to the list of completed tasks.

Alpha Test Engine components[edit]

Test Stand[edit]

Test Engine Component Cost List

Alpha Final Rocket[edit]