Another failure, but one step closer

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The latest nozzle manufacturing test utilizing material designed to be used as a fireplace sealant has failed. However, there are signs that this method can be successful. Each failure brings lessons learned.

In this case, the material has cured well with the mold design. Preparations for the melting of the mold was done correctly. The melting of the mold was done correctly, unlike the previous attempt.

After pulling the resulting nozzle from the fire, and letting cool, I see that the results were less than ideal. The outside profile looks good.

It is the inside profile that shows issues. I suspect it is because I did not inject the material correctly. Cracks and gaps are visable. There are also a few bubbles. The bubbles have me a little bit worried that the material did not fully cure. Upon further inspection, I see that the bubble sits directly below where one of the "diamonds" that are exposed to atmphosphere failed to fully receive injected material.

I will try once again. I will use the same basic mold shape, but spend time to inject the material better. I may even design a device to help with this injection process.



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The outside appearance is at least great now. We're moving in the right direction!